SEKRETO defies all the stereotypes associated with Mexican Hip-Hop. He is neither a “G” nor a “Cholo,” but rather his lyrics focus on important matters, like family, friends and life. “En Tu Area”, his debut album, comes across as his personal gospel and is both stress relieving and motivational with powerful messages conveyed through skilled rhyme. Sekreto started out as a graffiti artist painting and tagging on the walls of Gomez Palacio in Durango, Mexico and eventually began to experiment with Rap along side his friends, two groups named BocaH and Ce Cen Cem (together known as Caballeros del Plan G). Sekreto with nothing more than the release of an independent single titled 3XL on the streets of Mexico back in 2000 and in 2001 Sekreto’s participation in Caballeros Del Plan G’s “Abriendo Puertas” album he quickly caught the attention of many in the music industry. By 2003 he had recorded a song with Spanish Hip-Hop pioneers Control Machete for the group’s 3rd album, “Un, Dos; Bandera”, putting Sekreto’s face and voice in the international spotlight. By 2005 the song could be found on countless world compilations and was featured in the 2005 “Blockbuster Land Of The Dead”.

Now with producers like Milkman, Serko Fuentes and Control Machete’s Toy Hernandez at the helm, the tracks have turned out to be both unique and traditional in their sound, offering glimpses of real creativity. “En Tu Area” breaks new ground in Spanish hip-hop: The albums first single, “Mas Que Hablar”, incorporates new and modern sounds while at the same time drops songs in a Control Machete fashion like “Tu Pon El Tema” and “Retumba”. The album is an excellent mixture of hardcore showcases for his lyrical virtuosity and ruminative, reflective Hip-Hop ballads.

“Mas Que Hablar,” Sekreto’s first single is without a doubt a emotion-filled open letter to all those who live their lives passionately for their dreams. The music video was shot by acclaimed Mexican video director Jesus “Chiva” Rodriguez, whom has already worked with Sekreto’s label mates Division Minuscula, Volovan, Horoscopos De Durango and the Spanish Hip Hop group Cartel De Santa among many others and should start to surface by the late May followed by the release of the album.

SEKRETO MANAGEMENT: DANNY BRECHER Tel: (323)316-5479 | E-mail:

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